Land Use Chapter

After more than a year of agenda-setting public engagement and staff-level drafting and review, the Comprehensive Plan's Land Use Chapter was reviewed by the Comprehensive Planning Committee starting in June alongside the other chapters and will be released for public review and feedback in late 2017.

The following staff memo to the Comprehensive Planning Committee provides background on the Comp Plan update, community engagement highlights, an overview of the chapter drafting process, and highlights from the draft chapter. Below are memos presented to inform the Comprehensive Planning Committee's review.

June 12, 2017 Memo to the Comprehensive Planning Committee
1- Draft Land Use Chapter (August 25)
2- Demographic Maps with Areas of Concentrated Poverty
3- Draft Sketch of 2040 Land Use Map

December 12, 2017 Memo to the Comprehensive Planning Committee

Updated Draft Land Use Chapter (January 2018)

If you have questions about the draft chapter, its supporting materials or the public review process, please contact Anton Jerve, the lead planning staff for this chapter.  Also, contact Anton if you would like to host or attend a presentation of the chapter in early 2018.