Ford Site Open Space Workgroup

Final Report of the Ford Open Space Workgroup This report reflects the work of the Ford Open Space Workgroup. A consultant team from Hoisington Koegler Group and HR&A Advisors led the workgroup's efforts and prepared the report. Support and assistance were provided by the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Department of Planning and Economic Development, and the Ward 3 City Council office of Patrick Harris. Final Report: Ford Site Open Space Guidelines Purpose & Charge of the Workgroup The Ford Site Open Space Workgroup was convened in June 2010 to support and refine the work of the Ford Site Planning Task Force in the area of open space planning. The Workgroup was charged with the following duties:

  • Review the open space plan in each of the five scenarios, as well as the 22-acre river parcel, and recommend acreage split between active and passive use.
  • Prioritize active and passive space programming for each scenario and the 22-acre parcel.
  • Prepare cost analysis/budget for the prioritized open space opportunities including acquisition, park development, and ongoing operation and maintenance estimates.
  • Develop and test a list of potential funding sources and prepare a proposed source budget and timeline (Legacy, STAR, etc.). The Ford Site Open Space Work Group will provide interim findings and a final report of recommendations to the Ford Site Planning Task Force by early 2011.

Background Information / Reference Highland Park Open Space Analysis: Ford Site Suitability Study (City of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation)

Workgroup Membership

The group was composed of 12 members representing specialized knowledge or expertise in urban design, real estate development and finance, landscape/park design, stormwater management, recreation programming, and Upper Mississippi River corridor planning and management.


The Workgroup met monthly between June 2010 and February 2011. Meeting agendas and presentations are available in the table links below.

Date Location Agenda Materials / General Topic
6.30.10 Hillcrest Rec Center Agenda Ford site map / Background presentation
9.27.10 Jewish Community Center, Room 107 Agenda Open space layers & functions; river parcel; redevelopment case studies; funding open space overview
11.1.10 Edgecumbe Recreation Center Agenda Ford open space features memo
11.15.10 Edgecumbe Recreation Center Agenda Meeting presentation; Open space financing models;
12.6.10 Edgecumbe Recreation Center Agenda Preferred open space selections;
1.24.11 Hillcrest Recreation Center Agenda Review of the DRAFT Ford Site Open Space Guidelines Report
2.28.11 Gloria Dei Church, 700 Snelling Agenda Present Ford Site Open Space Guidelines Report to Ford Site Planning Task Force

For more information, contact Merritt Clapp-Smith at 651-266-6547.