Hamline Midway Library Planning Process


imageUpdated November 6, 2009 Final Report of the Hamline Midway Library Task ForcePlease note that these are large files, particularly the Appendix. If you have a slower internet connection, please be patient and/or visit the library to review a hard copy of the report.Final ReportAppendixTask Force Documents Meeting Documents


Task Force Members' Resource Binder Contents


imageMembers:Connie Springer, resident

Olaf Runquist, resident

Ben Grove, resident

Carrie Pomeroy, resident

Jodie Double, resident

Hamline University representative: Dan Loritz, Vice President of University relations (substitute: JacQui Getty)

Hancock Elementary representative: Marjorie Abrams (substitute: Craig Anderson)

Snelling Avenue Business representative: Kathy Sundberg

Saint Paul Parks & Rec representative: Susie Odegard

Hamline Midway Coalition representative #1: Jun-Li Wang Hamline Midway Coalition representative #2: Brad Bentcover Library Staff #1: Alice Neve

Library Staff #2: Katrina Hartz Taylor

Core team: Councilmember Russ Stark Samantha Henningson, Legislative Aide to Councilmember Stark Jun-Li Wang, Hamline Midway Coalition Michael Jon Olson, Hamline Midway Coalition Debbie Willms, Saint Paul Public Library Kit Hadley, Director, Saint Paul Public Library Facilitators:Roger Meyer of Meyer Consulting Pamela Bakken Anderson & Mark Wentzell of 292 design group

Overview of the Planning Process



In order to engage the community in developing a positive outcome for the future of the Hamline Midway Library, the City of Saint Paul has initiated a Hamline Midway Library Task Force and has hired consultants to facilitate the Task Force’s work. If it wasn’t clear before, the recent proposed closure of the Hamline Midway Library elicited an overwhelming response from the neighborhood that the Library is a highly valued community asset. At the moment, major City budget adjustments are primarily on hold until the Legislature wraps up, and the City’s Local Government Aid status is clarified later in the summer. The Mayor has committed to keeping the library open through the end of 2009. The closure of Hamline Midway Library has been proposed many times over the years as a way to reduce costs during difficult budget times. It is a smaller branch library, and compared to some other parts of the City, the libraries in the western half of Saint Paul are closer together. This process is an opportunity to stabilize the library (and possibly other) services that can be offered at this location for the long-term, and aims to avoid continued threats of complete closure of the library. The upcoming community process will provide space to think and plan proactively for programming in the building that can reduce costs to the City, as well as serve as a model for processes for other libraries in Saint Paul. The core management team of the Task Force will include Councilmember Russ Stark’s office, the Library Department, and Hamline Midway Coalition. The timeline for this process will be compact: the process will be completed by September 25, 2009, in time for the City Council’s budget process for 2010. The completed process will result in cost reduction, revenue creation and/or partnership scenarios and implementation strategies that meet the needs of the community and reduce costs to the City of Saint Paul. The 13 member Task Force will work with the facilitator to assess what current library services that are provided are critical and what services are lacking in the neighborhood and might be a good addition. Part of the facilitator’s work, in collaboration with the Task Force, will be to widely gather community input from current library users and non-users. This will be done via at least one public meeting as well as other channels. One goal will be to find partners that can work with the library to meet the expressed needs of the community while sharing the expense of running and operating the facility with the City of Saint Paul. We are optimistic that the result of this community-driven process will result in a vision of library service that will make the Hamline-Midway Library even stronger and more vital. Once the process is complete, Library Department and others will pursue opportunities identified by the Task Force that meet community needs and fit within the budget constraints of the City of St. Paul. Contact Samantha Henningson, Legislative Aide to Councilmember Stark, with questions. Email her or call her at 651-266-8641.