W. Grand Zoning Study

West Grand Zoning Study

In August, 2012, the City Council put in place a moratorium on certain types of development along the portion of Grand Avenue west of Fairview, and requested that the Planning Commission take a closer look at what scale of development is most consistent with Comprehensive Plan land-use goals for West Grand Avenue and whether or not zoning changes are needed. The Council subsequently expanded the sutdy area to include the entire commercial node at Grand and Fairview (adding in the commercially-zoned properties on Grand immediately east of Fairview). On May 17, 2013, the Planning Commission forwarded recommendations, along with documentation of the rationale behind the recommendations, for consideration by the City Council. A public hearing before the Council has been scheduled for June 19, 2013. Links to: The memorandum from the Neighborhood Planning Committee (NPC) to the Planning Commission explaining the study findings, recommendations, and rationale. The attachments included with the NPC memordandum The May 17, 2013, Planning Commission resolution adopting the recommendations The draft ordinance under consideration by the City Council The public hearing notice sent out via ENS For questions or additional information, please contact Josh Williams in the Department of Planning and Economic Development at 651.266.6659 or josh.williams@ci.stpaul.mn.us