Energy Savings Made Easy (ESME)

About the Program

In alignment with the national directive of “Recovery through Retrofit,” public and private sector leaders in the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul (the Cities) have created an unprecedented community-wide partnership to launch an ongoing, comprehensive, personalized, one-stop shop for energy saving services. Energy Savings Made Easy (ESME), removes barriers to building retrofit information with Community Energy Service (CES), financing through the Energy Bank, and access to skilled workers while engaging individuals and entire communities in sustainable and continuously improved energy reduction efforts. Rather than offering passive “one size fits all” programs, ESME will reach out to engage customer participation. This “lean forward” marketing approach extends to property owners in their neighborhoods with individualized customer service; meeting each one wherever they are in the process and helping them improve their ability to save energy in their home every day with specific data and information, custom financial assistance to meet their situational needs and follow-up support to ensure success. Designed for scalability, ESME will make significant impact in our mass metropolitan area by bringing together energy conservation programs under a single management structure. This will allow customers to enter the energy saving process through one door and find all of their opportunities and answers through personalized assistance to increase their individual success and maximize the value of their energy saving return. ESME will target several major commercial corridors in Minneapolis and Saint Paul and their adjacent neighborhoods, representing a broad cross section of buildings, uses, incomes and ownership structures. Led by a collaboration of experienced civic, utility, non-profit and business leaders, ESME has already passed a pilot testing period to positive participant reviews. By integrating our foundation of strong existing programs and testing, ESME is ready for immediate full-scale implementation with critical initial U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) support. The project will achieve reduced energy consumption in 50% of ALL buildings (100,000) in Minneapolis and Saint Paul within ten years (30,000 buildings and nearly 1,300 jobs within the first three years alone). More importantly, energy users in every segment of our communities will be committed to continuous energy savings improvement; a standard and program of excellence we hope will be replicated across the region and nation for decades to come. ESME Program Summary ESME Program Overview ESME Budget Information Resumes of Project Directors