Function of the Commission


The Police-Civilian Internal Affairs Review Commission consists of five members from the community and two police officers who are appointed by the Mayor with approval of the City Council. This Commission reviews all citizen complaints involving allegations of excessive force, discrimination, discharge of a firearm for other than training purposes, poor public relations, improper procedures and any other complaint referred to it by the Mayor or Chief of Police.Members of the Commission will recommend a final disposition on investigations they review and further recommend disciplinary action when warranted. In all cases, the Chief of Police will be the final authority on case disposition and discipline.

Complaint Procedure

The police department's complaint procedure is intended to provide corrective action when a police officer exhibits improper conduct. At the same time, officers are afforded protections from unwarranted criticism when discharging their duties in line with established policies and procedures.

Civilian Coordinator

The Commission has a Civilian Coordinator to assist in receiving complaints from the public. This person is employed by the police department for the specific purpose of building trust in the complaint investigation process and serving as a staff position to the Commission.