Mounted Patrol


image The Saint Paul Mounted Police Unit was developed, authorized, organized and trained in the time between June 1994 and June 30, 1995. The unit has been operational since July 1, 1995 and has been a Citywide patrol asset since that time. The unit operates full time, all year.

Division of Time

image The City is divided into three police districts, and the mounted unit spends 70 percent of its available patrol time on beat assignments in each of the three districts. There are numerous events throughout the City each year, and the mounted unit is present at most for crowd and traffic control, accounting for another 20 percent of patrol time. The remaining 10 percent is divided equally between public education and re-training of officers and mounts. Questions or comments concerning the Saint Paul Mounted Police Unit should be directed to Sergeant Valarie Namen at 651-266-5798 . To learn more about our officers and their horses, please visit the Mounted Unit's website at The website also includes a monthly calendar of events. The Mounted Unit is also on Facebook! Visit their page at