Special Events Application

Special Events Application

Please read and follow all directions to ensure processing and permit submissions are complete. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Click on each link below in sequential order:

1.  Instruction Page (this list shows all requirements for the permit).

2. Road closures - If you are planning on closing any city street, the TWO attached forms MUST be downloaded, filled out and eventually submitted with the application (petition and agreement/certificate). 

3. Map - a map of the event area (to include road closures, parking lots, barricades, zones of the event, etc...) must be submitted with the application.  A Google map, printed with highlighted routes/road closures, is acceptable (Please do NOT draw a map by hand). 

4. Upload - All of the above documents must be scanned and submitted as ONE file to the application (a section of the application will require you to upload the file). If you do not have access to a scanner, please electronically sign and save the Agreement and Certificate form to be uploaded with the application. The other forms can be emailed. If the documents cannot be scanned and emailed as one file, the PETITION needs to be received a minimum of 30 days prior to the event and the map should be emailed with the application at the time of submittal (ASAP). 


Residential Block Club  Residential Neighborhoods ONLY
Other Special Events  Athletic Events, General Block Club, Community Festival, Parade, Public Assembly.
National Night Out   National Night Out application