Community Liaison Officer

The City of Saint Paul is a vibrant global community, with residents representing more than 70 countries of origin and languages spoken. Community liaison officers (CLO) serve as critical partners to sworn officers, providing the Saint Paul Police Department assistance with translation, interpretation and information gathering. Interactions with the community are varied and range from support during neighborhood events to assisting with criminal investigations and communicating with victims of crimes. Put your cultural and linguistic skills to work protecting the safety of your community by becoming a community liaison officer.

CLOs must be bilingual and fluent (speaking, reading and writing) in a secondary language. As an entry-level position, SPPD requires that CLOs are simultaneously enrolled in a law enforcement degree program from a POST-recognized, accredited university or training center. As a CLO, you will have four (4) years from the date of hire to complete a two, or four-year degree, and the MN P.O.S.T. Skills Course. Once these required elements are completed, you will be eligible to apply to take the next scheduled police officer exam for the department.


For more information on the salary schedule and the day to day functions of the Community Liaison Officer, visit the City’s Human Resources page. A brief summary of benefits includes:

  • Competitive edge for application to become an officer; with promotional rights to the regular police academy
  • Competitive salary
  • Comprehensive City benefits packet including health care, vacation, and retirement
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate school schedules
  • Access to the City’s tuition reimbursement program to help cover educational costs