Pelham Bikeway

The City of Saint Paul is implementing bikeway and traffic calming improvements along sections of Pelham Boulevard, Myrtle Avenue, and Raymond Avenue in Fall 2017. 


Construction Schedule

The project is complete with the exception of installation of green pavement markings at intersection conflict zones. This work will occur in Spring 2018.



The purpose of the proposed improvements is to

  • implement traffic calming along Pelham Boulevard by narrowing the travel lanes to slow traffic speeds
  • improve safety and comfort for people using bicycles within the project area by providing protected bike lanes
  • improve safety and comfort for people walking within the project area by making Pelham Boulevard travel lanes narrower and easier to cross
  • implement the recommendations of the Saint Paul Grand Round Design and Implementation Plan


Open House

City staff held an Open House to learn about the proposed improvements, view project information, and provide feedback. The meeting was:

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
6:00-7:30 PM
Merriam Park Recreation Center
2000 Saint Anthony Avenue

Download a shareable PDF meeting invitation postcard here. 


District Council Coordination

The city has received letters of support from the two District Councils in the project area:


Transportation Committee

The project was presented to the Transportation Committee of the Planning Commission. The meeting was:

Monday, April 10, 2017
4:00 PM
13th Floor Conference Room, City Hall Annex
25 W Fourth Street

Download a copy of the presentation materials.

The Transportation Committee recommended implementation of the proposed project.


Public Hearing and Final Approval

City Council held a public hearing. All were invited to attend and provide public testimony in favor or in opposition to the project. The public hearing was:

Wednesday, June 7, 2017
5:30 PM
City Hall and Courthouse
15 W Kellogg Boulevard
City Council Chambers - 3rd Floor

If you can not attend the public hearing, you can email comments to to have them included in the public record.

Download a copy of the public hearing announcement mailed to neighborhood properties.


Project Details:

This is a component of the Saint Paul Grand Round. The Grand Round planning process implemented a set of both short-term and long-term improvements to the Grand Round, which includes the project area. City staff is proposing to implement the short-term, or "interim", improvements at this time.

The short-term improvements include implementation of a two-way in-street protected bikeway along Pelham Boulevard between Mississippi River Boulevard and Myrtle Avenue. In-street bicycle lanes (unprotected) will be added to Myrtle Avenue between Pelham Boulevard and Raymond Avenue as well as to Raymond Avenue between Myrtle Avenue and University Avenue. The two-way protected bikeway on Pelham Boulevard will include flexible delineators separating the roadway from the bikeway.

Myrtle Avenue will permit motorized traffic only in the westbound direction. A contra-flow bicycle lane will allow people using bicycles to move eastbound.

Implementing the bikeway will require removing on-street parking from:

  • the east side of Pelham Boulevard between Mississippi River Boulevard and Myrtle Avenue
  • the west side of Pelham Boulevard between Mississippi River Boulevard and Doane Avenue
  • the south side of Myrtle Avenue between Pelham Boulevard and Raymond Avenue


Project Resources:

Parking Occupancy Data

DRAFT Summary of Engineering Recommendations