Nice Ride MN

What is Nice Ride MN? Nice Ride MN is a local nonprofit providing a public bike sharing system in the Twin Cities. Bike sharing is designed for short trips in urban areas.

What does Nice Ride Stations look like?

Nice Ride stations are solar-powered free-standing units, which include a map frame, terminal, and docking areas for Nice Ride bikes. The stations are temporary seasonal installations and are removed for the winter.

How does Nice Ride work?

Nice Ride stations are generally open from April to November, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To use the bikes, users purchase a subscription. Subscriptions are available on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. With a subscription, users can check out a bike, take a bike for a short ride, and return it at any station. Trips longer than 30 minutes are subject to trip fees.

How are Nice Ride station locations chosen?

Nice Ride leads workshops with the community to gather ideas for potential station locations. Nice Ride then uses operational criteria to determine the implementation of specific locations. Operational considerations include the need for Nice Ride stations to be located at regular intervals to facilitate easy check out and return of Nice Ride bikes.

How is Nice Ride funded?

Capital start-up costs for Nice Ride are funded through a public private partnership. The largest private contributor is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. Operational costs are funded through Nice Ride subscriptions and station sponsorship.

When did Nice Ride start?

The first Nice Ride stations were operational in Minneapolis in the summer of 2010.

Where are Nice Ride stations in Saint Paul?

For the latest information on station locations, please see Nice Ride's dynamic station map.

What are Nice Ride’s plans for the future?

Nice Ride continues to seek funds to expand its system in the Twin Cities metro area, as funding permits.

What is Nice Ride’s relationship with the City of Saint Paul?

The City funded Nice Ride’s planning workshops in Saint Paul, which enabled the public to provide input on potential station locations. The City worked to facilitate Nice Ride’s expansion into Saint Paul, including by supporting Nice Ride’s funding applications.

Where can I learn more about Nice Ride MN?