The City of St Paul will be replacing the Kellogg/3rd Street bridge to address the need for a more reliable connection to the City that would accommodate people walking, biking, taking transit, and driving.

Project Location

Map showing the Kellogg-3rd Street Bridge construction project location and possible detours.

Proposed Bridge

Cross section showing the proposed design for the Kellogg-3rd Street bridge with bike/pedestrian trail on both sides and four lanes of vehicle traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the bridge need to be replaced?

In 2014, a structural analysis of the bridge supports found that traffic cannot be supported on the outer portions of the bridge deck. Traffic was immediately removed from those portions of the bridge. The resulting bridge does not meet the needs of the community and future multi-modal plans (including bus rapid transit between Union Depot and Woodbury).

Is the bridge safe to use in the meantime?

Yes. Barriers that are placed on the bridge today keep weight off the portions of the bridge that are insufficient, and crews inspect the bridge regularly. Public safety and welfare are our top priority.

What will the new bridge look like?

The new bridge will have four lanes of traffic (two in each direction) and a barrier separated trail on both sides of the roadway. The trails will each be 12 feet wide, shared by bicycles and pedestrians, and separated from vehicle traffic by a concrete barrier. Intersections near Union Depot and at Mounds Boulevard will be reconstructed to improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians and vehicles, including bus rapid transit.

When will construction occur?

Bridge replacement is one of the City’s priorities and design is moving ahead, but construction won’t occur until funding is secured. The bridge carries around 14,000 vehicles each day, and traffic is not just from local neighborhoods. Therefore, the City is devoting local budget and seeking funding assistance from federal and state sources.

How will I get around during construction?

The City is evaluating detour routes for both vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. Additionally, ways to reduce the length of construction/bridge closure are being explored.

Will my property be assessed?

No. Federal, state, and/or local funds will fund the project.

Last Edited: July 29, 2020