Additional Garbage Services and Rates - Beginning October 2018


Disposing of those bulky items and electronics just got easier!

In addition to regular garbage collection, homeowners may also have 2-3 large, "bulky" or electronic items collected (depending on your service level), free of charge, each year. Please don't put these items in your garbage cart. If you have more large items, no worries. Your hauler will take those away for a nominal fee. Here's a list of accepted large, bulky and electronic items.

Homeowners are prohibited from placing the following items in their garbage cart for collection: biomedical waste (needles), hazardous waste, yard waste (homeowner can order seasonal yard waste service at an additional cost), electronic waste (can be collected as a "bulky" item). Please visit for additional disposal information.  

Process for collecting bulky items or electronic waste: Residents must contact their hauler at least 48 hours prior to their regular collection day to schedule a pick up. Please do not put these items in your regular garbage cart. The hauler will collect the bulky item within 7 days after receiving the request for pick up. The hauler will also track the number of bulky items collected from each property.

Spend more time enjoying your yard -- not hauling your yard waste.

All haulers now offer seasonal yard waste services for an additional fee. All yard waste must be placed in a special cart or a certified compostable bag. Contact your hauler to sign up for yard waste service. Yard waste may be collected on a different day as your regular garbage service.

If you already have yard waste services with your current garbage hauler, your yard waste services will automatically continue with your new hauler beginning October 1 through November 30, 2018. You will:

  • receive a payment refund from your current hauler for October and November
  • notice a pro-rated yard waste subscription fee of $35 on your September invoice from the new garbage hauler. This pro-rated cost covers yard waste service for the months of October and November.
  • use your current hauler's yard waste cart until November 30, 2018. Carts will be removed by the haulers December 2018-April 2019.
  • need to contact your new garbage hauler to subscribe for yard waste service in 2019.

Yard Waste Service Options and Pricing (Beginning 2019)

Seasonal Subscription Service (April 15-November 30):
$120/year for 1 yard waste cart, and up to 8 compostable bags, for weekly pickup during the yard waste season.


Non-Subscription Service: 
$3 per compostable bag or bundle

"Walk up" services available.

For residents with special physical needs, walk-up service may be provided to collect the garbage cart at a different location on the property. To apply for walk-up service, residents must complete an application form and provide it to their designated hauler. There is no additional fee for this service if residents can demonstrate a special physical need. Please note that if you currently have walk-up service with your garbage hauler, it will automatically continue with your new hauler October 1, 2018.

Residents who do not meet criteria as less able bodied can pay for “walk up” service:
Walk up service from home located less than 100 feet from the alley/curb collection point = $25/month.
Walk up service from home located more than 100 feet from the alley/curb collection point = $50/month.