Choose Your Cart Size and Service Level by June 1

Garbage Cart Selection - Extended Until Friday, June 8

Residents can submit their garbage cart selection online ( or over the phone (888-287-7998) until Friday, June 8!  All residential property owners (1-4 units) must have carts and garbage service for each unit. There is no sharing or opt out options available.

Any submitted postcards must be postmarked by Friday, June 1 in order for it to be entered. If you haven't sent in your postcard, please choose from the following two options:

  1. Submit your garbage cart selection online at ONLY IF you have you cart ID. If you don’t have this number, you must call 888-287-7998.
  2. Submit your garbage cart selection (with or without cart ID number) by calling 888-287-7998. You will need to leave a voicemail message with the following information:
    1. Full Name
    2. Address
    3. Phone number - in case we have questions or the message was unclear
    4. Cart size/service level
    5. Where your garbage is currently being picked up (curbside front of house, curbside side of house, or alley)


  • You currently have garbage service and want to stay with the similar cart size you have now
  • You don’t have garbage service now and you are OK with getting a medium cart size and service level

If that is the case, you will be automatically transitioned over with the new Citywide Garbage Service Starting October 1.

Property owners can choose from four different service levels to meet their household needs:

Cart Size Gallons Collection Bulky Items *Rates (monthly rates; statements are quarterly)
Small 35 - approx 2-3 kitchen-size bags Every other week 2 $20.28/mo or $60.84/quarter
Small 35 - approx 2-3 kitchen-size bags Every week 2 $23.44/mo or $70.32/quarter
Medium 64 - approx 4-5 kitchen-size bags Every week 3 $32.03/mo or $96.09/quarter
Large 96 - approx 5-7 kitchen-size bags Every week 3 $34.15/mo or $102.45/quarter

*Monthly pricing includes all fees, and county and state taxes. An annual fee of $24.60 will be added to your Ramsey County property tax statement to help cover costs for new carts, program administration, outreach and education efforts.

Residential property owners (of 1-4 units) must choose a new garbage cart size and service level by June 1, 2018.
If we don't hear from you by June 1, you will be transitioned to the new program with your current cart size.
If you do not currently have garbage service and do not select a cart size by June 1, you will be assigned a medium cart.  

If you are a renter, please contact your landlord or property manager to discuss your garbage service needs

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Can I opt-out or share garbage services with my neighbor?
There is no opt-out option. The new City ordinance will require all property owners, including 1-4 unit rental properties, to have their own service.  If your household does not generate much garbage, we offer a small cart with service every other week.

Are there additional garbage services, such as yard waste?
All haulers will provide seasonal yard waste service for an additional cost.