Residential Disability Parking

Saint Paul provides special parking for people with certain disabilities, including residential disability parking zones, and free limited parking at meters.

Residential Disability Parking Zones

To qualify for a Residential Disability Parking Zone, you must have:

  • a disability license plate, OR
  • a disability parking certificate

Disability plates and certificates are issued by the Department of Public Safety.

Zones are not installed where:

  • off-street parking is available and accessible to the disabled person,
  • there is on-street parking generally available,
  • there already exists one or more zones nearby that is accessible to the disabled person.

To apply, complete the Residential Disability Parking Zone Application, and mail it to:

Traffic Division
800 City Hall Annex
25 West 4th Street
Saint Paul, MN 55102

The City will review your application, and let you know once approved or denied.  If approved, you will get a quote for the cost of installation.

For more information, please contact the Traffic & Lighting Division at 651-266-6200.

Disability Parking at Meters and Signs

Vehicles with a valid disability certificate or plate may park at a City meter with no fee.  You may park for up to 4 hours, except for meters marked with a 30 minute maximum.

Once you reach the time limit, you must move your vehicle. You are not allowed to re-park within 2 blocks of your original space.

If you are parking for an extended period of time, we encourage you to use the off-street parking ramps or lots.

For long-term parkers with disabilities, reduced monthly rates are available at City of Saint Paul owned parking ramps. Call 651-266-6200 for details.

If a person has severely impaired mobility and they need to park on-street near their place of employment they may apply for a Special Needs Permit at half the cost of the monthly rate at the nearest ramp, lot or garage. To apply for a Special Needs Permit, follow these instructions and complete this application.