Sewer Project: MRB Tunnel Cleaning

Saint Paul Public Works Sewer Division will be cleaning the Mississippi River Boulevard (MRB) sanitary tunnel from Randolph Avenue to Marshall Avenue. This project will be completed in stages to minimize impact pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic along Mississippi River Boulevard between Randolph and Marshall Avenues.

  • The city’s contractor will be accessing the tunnel through utility covers located in the public right of way. They will be using large cleaning equipment that will be loud and need temporary lane restrictions and closures. The cleaning work is scheduled to progress “south to north” along Mississippi River Boulevard, with approximately four to six weeks at each work site.
  • MRB regional trail will remain open. Temporary trail detours may be needed at times. Detour signage will be posted along the trail. ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps and concrete barriers will be positioned where needed.
  • There will be temporary traffic lane restrictions along Mississippi River Boulevard. Some access to and from side streets connecting to Mississippi River Blvd may have temporary closures. Traffic detour signage will be placed in advance. Access to alleys and private driveways will be maintained.
  • During the winter months, the city’s contractor will be responsible for plowing around the current work site to the next city street intersection.
  • Metro Transit bus service will not be impacted. 

Project Schedule (as of December 1, 2019)​​

  • December 2 to January 17, 2020 - Work Site 1
  • Close Jefferson Avenue (from Mississippi River Boulevard to Woodlawn Avenue)

Traffic Impact

  • Temporary detours, lane shifts and closures for vehicles, bikes and pedestrians along Mississippi River Boulevard where the work site is active.
  • Side street access to Mississippi River Boulevard may be temporarily closed when the worksite is active.