Woodlawn/Jefferson Paving Phase I

PWSDC Wheelock Parkway 2018 Project Map Cropped.png

Project Updates

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Questions?  Contact Project Inspector Bill Vos at 651-755-1246

Due to weather conditions, further concrete work will take place in the spring.

This week

  • Mount Curve Boulevard was paved.
  • Concrete pedestrian ramps were placed on Jefferson Avenue.
  • Boulevards were graded on Jefferson Avenue, Woodlawn Avenue, Montrose Lane, and Mount Curve Boulevard.
  • Temporary bituminous driveways were paved on Mount Curve Boulevard.
  • Temporary bituminous sidewalk patches were placed where new sidewalk has not yet been installed.
  • Temporary bituminous surfacing will be replaced with concrete in the spring.

Next week

  • Complete boulevard grading.
  • Complete temporary bituminous sidewalk.
  • Place temporary bituminous outwalks where there are no driveways.
  • Hydro-mulch boulevards for the winter.
  • Sod and trees will be placed in the spring.

Traffic Impact

  • Construction activities will disrupt traffic and parking.  Please be mindful of signage.