Information Regarding Saint Paul’s New Recycling Carts and RFID Chip Technology

We want to thank everyone for using your single-sort wheeled cart and participating in the All In™ recycling program.

RFID Chip Technology and your Recycling Cart

Chip installation in carts is considered standard best practice within the recycling cart manufacturing industry and the recycling industry overall. Users have reported that the chip has helped make collection easier, allow for better customer service and collection accountability, and provide metrics on participation.

While these chips came with Saint Paul’s new wheeled, lidded cards, the City of Saint Paul currently has no plans to use them, nor do we own the technology to use them.

If we were to pursue the use of the chips, we would provide public notification and a public process for implementation. Again, there is currently no plan to use them.

How we currently measure progress and hold ourselves accountable:

The City of Saint Paul is metrics focused. Collecting and using data ensures that we can measure how we are doing and hold ourselves accountable to achieve our goals – to become a more sustainable city. Our current goal is to increase recycling participation by 15 percent and tonnage collected by 35 percent. We currently track collection and participation throughout the City using a geo-locater (a bar code). We use this information to be able to measure participation by neighborhood and the City as a whole.

Inventory Accountability:

The City and Ramsey County have collectively invested $3.8 million to purchase and distribute nearly 80,000 new wheeled carts to make recycling easier for all residents. We are accountable to the taxpayers for this investment – so we track our inventory through serial numbers and bar codes on the cart. This ensures that if carts are moved or damaged we know where they belong or can properly replace them.

Please keep in mind that the cart is City property, so any attempts to remove the chip from your cart is prohibited.

Thank you for continuing to recycle. If the City ever does pursue using this technology we will have an open public process. For now, we thank you for continuing to recycle and helping Saint Paul become more sustainable for the future generations that will live, work and play in our great city.