Concrete work within the public right-of-way can only be done by a licensed contractor obtaining the proper permits from the Public Works' Sidewalk Section (Chapter 121 and Chapter 123). This includes driveway aprons, sidewalks, and boulevard walks. Please review the current Contractor List for obtaining estimates for your project. Public Works does not allow asphalt to be used in the public right-of-way for driveway aprons or boulevards unless approved by the Director of Public Works. Decorative walks and driveways may be subjected to Chapter 134, the Projections and Encroachments Ordinance (Chapter 134). Applications for an ordinance permit can be made with Public Works Technical Services at 651-266-6128. This is in addition to a sidewalk permit. Historic Preservation Districts (Chapter 73) and Parkland Overlay Districts (Chapter 13) will require additional permits and review. The Sidewalk Section will inform you if you live in, or abutting, one of these districts. Any requirements needed in these districts need to be satisfied prior to any concrete permits obtained. During construction, any damage to the street proper must be repaired. Street Maintenance is the only agency that is allowed to do street restoration. The contractor you hire must contact Street Maintenance at 651-266-9700 for these repairs. They will charge the contractor for work required. Please refer to the Standard Specifications for Street Repairs (Chapter 122 and Chapter 123) for potential costs.

Last Edited: November 26, 2015