If you have concerns with the mainline sidewalk, e.g., raised panels, ponding issues, settling, or scaling of the surface, etc., please contact the Sidewalk Section of Public Works at 651-266-6120. We will send out an inspector to review the situation. The inspector will create a report on the findings they observed. If there are tripping concerns, temporary asphalt patches will be made. The inspector will also make a recommendation as to when a reconstruction order should occur. This recommendation will be based on the severity of the situation as compared to other sidewalks with similar condition(s).

The Sidewalk Section replaces approximately seven miles of mainline sidewalk per year. As a policy, Public Works will not do asphalt repairs for private boulevard walks or driveway aprons. Even though boulevard walks and aprons are within the city right-of-way, they are private in nature and not part of the mainline walkway. The responsibilities of these repairs are to the adjacent property owner.

When Public Works reconstructs mainline sidewalks, boulevard walks and aprons are not included except to make a proper match to the mainline walk if necessary. This typically means reconstructing only that part of the boulevard walk or apron abutting the mainline walk.

Last Edited: April 21, 2017