Sidewalk Replacement Program

The sidewalk reconstruction program is a part of our continuing efforts to repair our deteriorated infrastructure and to provide safer and more attractive public facilities for our residents. If you believe your sidewalk is in need of reconstruction, you may contact the Sidewalk Section at 651-266-6120 with your concerns. Repair locations can come from several sources. This includes property owners, the Mayor’s office, City Council, District Councils, injury sites, and our proactive inspection program. Each year, the Sidewalk Section reviews the requests and determines which locations will be included in the upcoming construction year. Our determinations are based upon the severity of damaged sidewalk, location to other potential sites, and funding. Due to the amount of requests and the Sidewalk Section's annual budget, only a fraction of the locations can be repaired in any given year. SPSVP projects will reconstruct sidewalks as part of that program. The reconstruction of sidewalks will be from a few panels to as much as the full length of the block. The Sidewalk Section will only carryout asphalt repairs within those SPSVP project areas that are scheduled within the next five years.