Snow Plowing Information

Plowing Update:

January 26, 2018 5:00 pm

Crews continue to focus snow clean up operations in residential areas, doing as many push backs (getting snow to the curb) as possible where vehicles are not parked. A few streets remain inaccessible to plows due to parked cars. They are regularly inspecting and addressing these problem areas. 

Due to today's warmer weather, road conditions are likely to become slushy and some refreezing may occur tonight.

The Snow Emergency is set to expire at 9 pm this evening; however clean up efforts are scheduled to continue tomorrow. We ask that residents help street maintenance crews by moving their vehicles to streets that have been plowed the entire width.

Rice Street Update: The City has made additional efforts to loosen and remove compacted snow and ice to improve driving conditions on Rice Street. Street maintenance used a motor grader to mechanically remove as much of the snow as possible (without causing damage to the pavement), and provided additional plowing and salting. Follow up inspections have shown improvements to the road surface.

When reporting snow issues to be as specific as possible and include street addresses and cross streets whenever possible.     

January 25, 2018 4:45 pm

Snow clean up operations continue tonight.  Crews have been running around the clock throughout Saint Paul trying to get streets plowed the entire width. Many of the issue areas and complaints have been difficult to address due to parked vehicles on residential streets.

In areas that need clean up, please park – and encourage your neighbors to park -- on streets that have been plowed the full width.

We are aware of road conditions on Rice Street. Crews have treated the street several times and continue to work on patches of bonded ice.

When reporting snow issues to, please be as specific as possible and include street addresses and cross streets whenever possible.

January 25, 2018 10:30 am

Snow clean up operations are in progress across the entire City today. The Snow Emergency is in effect, and ticketing and towing may still occur.

Snow plow crews are actively addressing streets with windrows and areas where parked vehicles remain, as well as intersections. We ask that you not park your vehicle in areas where the street has not been plowed the entire width.  

To report issues or concerns, please email To help us address problem areas more efficiently, please include the street address or cross streets in the email.

Please remember that property owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks clear of ice and snow. To report sidewalk issues, please contact the Department of Safety and Inspections at 651-266-8989 or

We appreciate everyone's support and patience as we continue to work to make Saint Paul's streets safe and passable.

January 24, 2018 10:15 am

As of yesterday evening all Day Plow Routes were completed to extent possible, where sufficient access was available.

We will continue to be out today doing clean up and any vehicle parked in an area that has not been plowed full width is subject to ticketing and towing for up to 96 hours after the Snow Emergency was declared. Please help us by moving vehicles to areas that have been plowed full width.

If you need to report issues or concerns, please email

January 23, 2018 4:30 pm

We currently have 70 plows continuing Day Plow Routes across the City.

Due to the volume of wet, heavy snow with this storm, routes are moving a little slower than normal, but expected to be completed this evening.

We ask residents to continue to move their vehicles until the the full width of the street has been plowed. 

With more than 1,800 lane miles to plow in less than 24 hours, we greatly appreciate your continued patience. 

January 23, 2018 3:00 pm

Crews continue to plow Day Routes and salt intersections throughout the City. 

Day Plow Routes are in process and expected to be completed this evening.

Thanks again for your continued patience. 

January 23, 2018 10:00 am

80 plows have been working continuously over the past 24 hours.

We have completed all the Night Plow Routes and began the Day Plow Routes at 8:00 am. Routes are taking longer than usual to complete due to the amount of snow.  

We are continuing to plow and salt main streets and, also applying salt at residential intersections.

Crews will continue to be plowing throughout the day and into the evening.

We thank you for your patience as we continue to work to make all Saint Paul streets safe and passable.

Please move your cars so we can plow the streets properly.

If you have questions or concerns email us at

January 22, 2018

As the snow continues to fall, we have had 40 plows working on Saint Paul's main streets today. Currently, with the slow and congested traffic we continue to work to keep the main streets as passable as possible. The full force of 80 plows will be out tonight with the start of the Snow Emergency at 9 p.m.

We know the driving conditions are challenging. Please remember these simple measures to help with safe travel today:

1. Be cautious and patient. 

2. Use appropriate speeds for conditions. 

3. Plan on using extra distance for stopping. 

4. Allow extra time for travel.

5. Stay back and give all plow trucks space to work safely.        

Our Snow Plowing Process:

During non-snow emergencies, our efforts are concentrated on main roads, and high volume areas. It is not a standard practice to plow and or salt residential streets during non-snow emergency snow events due to costs, time constraints, and environment concerns.  

We begin clearing main streets throughout a snow fall, and we clear residential streets when a snow emergency goes into effect - after 9 p.m. the day it is declared. That means that when a snow emergency is declared, we won't begin plowing residential streets until 9 p.m. tomorrow evening.

Our first focus is on safe and passable main streets - for the most amount of travelers, public safety vehicles, and public transit.

Also, the reason for the delay on residential streets is that we don’t want to inconvenience people to move their cars more than they already have to, and we need to give enough notice in which to do so. We also want to be good stewards of the City’s resources and your tax dollars. That’s why we make sure much of the snow has fallen before we declare a snow emergency.

Your safety, convenience and tax dollars are all factors we consider highly when declaring a snow emergency.

We encourage everyone to download the FREE Saint Paul Winter Snow App at

During the winter season we ask all commuters to be patient and safe. Thanks!

 Performance Dashboard


  1. Salt applied using pre-wet to maximize effectiveness
  2. High priority arterial route items anti-iced
  3. Downtown streets anti-iced
  4. Day Plow Routes completed by end of snow emergency second phase
  5. Night Plow Routes completed by end of snow emergency first phase
  6. Arterial streets treated within 10 hours after event ends
  7. City-identified sidewalks cleared within 24 hours after street operations end
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
GOAL 100% 99% 99% 50% 100% 100% 90%
11/30/2015 - 15% 100% n/a n/a 100% 100%
12/16/2015 - 0 0 n/a n/a 100% 100%
12/26/2015 - 10% 100% n/a n/a 100% 0
12/29/2015* 50% 51% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
1/6/2016 - 100% 100% n/a n/a 100% 100%
1/8/2016 50% 0 0 n/a n/a 100% 100%
1/20/2016 50% 0 0 n/a n/a 100% 100%
1/24/2016 50% 100% 100% n/a n/a 100% 100%
2/2/2016* 50% 100% 100% 100% 100% 0% 77%
2/7/2016 50% 0 0 n/a n/a 100% 100%
2/14/2016 50% 0 0 n/a n/a 100% 100%


  • *Indicates a Snow Emergency was declared
  • † Reported numbers are estimates due to equipment issues that resulted in inaccurate measurements. The average of 50 percent for 2015-2016 is an increase over the estimated average of 10 percent for 2014-2015.
  • ‡ A large snowfall event on February 2nd resulted in multiple days to clear walks and steps. High priority steps/walks were cleared within 24 hours. Due to timing of the snow and a snow emergency declaration, street maintenance was unable to get back on arterials until after the snow emergency, which was more than 10 hours after the event ended.
  • n/a indicates data was not applicable to that snow event or emergency.