Property Damage FAQs

Q:  My car was damaged by a snow plow.  What do I need to do to get it fixed?

A:  If you believe your car was damaged by a City of Saint Paul snow plow, please call the Street Maintenance Division at 651-266-9700 to report the damage.  A supervisor will review the reported damage.
You must complete and return a Notice of Claim form as required by Minnesota statutes.  The form is available online, in person from Room 310 of the Saint Paul City Hall, or by telephone request to the City Clerk's office at 651-266-8688. Generally speaking, you will need to provide two estimates for the repairs to your vehicle and possibly supply photographs of the damage. 

Q. My car was damaged during the towing. Who do I talk to to get it fixed?

A. ​The city contracts with private towing companies who are required to carry their own insurance to cover any possible damages they may cause while they perform tows. Since the city does not own, operate or insure the tow company, it is not responsible for any damages caused by the towing process and will not make payment for any alleged damage to your vehicle, or handle your claim for you. If you believe your vehicle was damaged during the tow, contact the company that towed your vehicle. You can find out who towed your vehicle by calling the Saint Paul Impound Lot at 651-266-5642. They will need your license plate number and will be able to provide you with the name and telephone number of the tow company.