The Saint Paul Public Works - Survey Division CAN NOT provide technical support for any of the plug-ins linked to and needed by this site. It is the responsibility of the user to acquire the necessary plug-ins and perform the installations in order to make use of this site.

Most sites providing plug-ins have a Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) page. If you have problems installing a plug-in consult the site where it was downloaded. Autodesk's WHIP-4 plug-in is no longer available, download Autodesk DWF(Design Web Format) Viewer (formerly Autodesk Express Viewer).

The Autodesk DWF Viewer (formerly Autodesk Express Viewer) is for viewing Autodesk's dwf drawing format over the internet. After downloading and installing the viewer from Autodesk, exit your browser and restart it to activate the new plug-in.

When printing a dwf file, make sure you use the plug-in print option by right click your mouse in the graphics screen area and pick print and not from the File/print pull down from your browser. There's a TIFF VIEWER plug-in which works with Netscape Navigator 3.0 and higher, Internet Explorer 3.0 and higher, and Opera 3.51 and higher.

It is a 32-bit Windows program, and requires Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4.0, and a 32-bit browser. The AlternaTIFF plug-in is a free download. This program is free to use for any purpose; however, you must register it before it can be used.

This viewer allows you to pan, zoom in and out, rotate and print. Files having a .dwf extension require Autodesk's DWF Viewer (formerly Autodesk Express Viewer) application. Files having a tif extension require a tiff viewer plug-in or application program. In order to view section ties and bench mark information, you will need Autodesk's DWF Viewer (formerly Autodesk Express Viewer) application. Some section ties and the Public Land Survey (PLS) notes require a tif viewer plug-in or application program.