Residential Permit Parking FAQ

Everything you need to know about parking in Saint Paul.

Residential Permit Parking Frequently Asked Questions

What is Residential Permit Parking? Residential Permit Parking was first established in St. Paul in 1979 and now includes twenty-five individual areas across the City. Intended to provide relief to residential areas where non-residential parking demand is high, residential permit parking gives local residents priority to park in their own neighborhoods.

I just moved to Saint Paul, what’s next?

imageIf you believe you reside in a Residential Permit Parking Area, call Traffic Operations at 651-266-9777 to determine if you are eligible to purchase permits. Only residents living in permit areas can obtain permits. If you are eligible, you will have to apply in person at 899 Dale Street North before you can purchase permits.

How much do the permits cost?

Resident and visitor permits cost $10.00. One day special event permits are $1.00 each.

Where do I display my permits?

Resident permits for area 2 and visitor permits go on the dashboard, on the driver’s side,and must be visible. Vehicle stickers must be affixed to the outside of your car, on the driver’s side window closest to the rear of the car. Special event permits hang from your rearview mirror.

Click here to view a diagram showing the proper placement of your parking permit.

Where does the permit go on my truck?

Place the sticker on the driver’s side window, in the bottom rear corner.

Where does the permit go on my motorcycle?

Place the sticker on the bottom right of the windshield (facing the front of the motorcycle) or on the left side of your gas tank. The sticker must be visible from the street when your motorcycle is parked.

I’m having a party or get together and don’t have enough permits, what will all my guests do?

You can purchase one day special event hang tags for your guests by mail, phone, or in person. Special event hang tags can be purchased for $1.00 each. Call Traffic Operations at 651-266-9777 for more details.

The previous resident left their permits behind, can I use them?

No, those permits are now invalid and using them could result in a ticket.

I moved within the same area, can I use my old permits?

No, you must reapply in person, providing proof of identity, residency and vehicle ownership. If approved, new permits will be issued to you.

Can I buy a permit for my roommate?

No, all NEW applicants must apply in person.

My vehicle was in an accident, how do I get a new permit?

If you still have access to the vehicle, peel the permit off with razor blade and submit the pieces to the permit office. If you cannot access your vehicle, provide a notarized statement with your name, address, vehicle information and reason why you need a new permit. The replacement permit will cost $1.00. If you have not reached your permit limits, a new permit can be purchased for $10.00.

Can I get another permit for a recently purchased vehicle?

As long as you have not yet reached your permit limits, you can obtain additional vehicle permits. Each new vehicle permit will cost $10.00.

What if I find my lost permit after purchasing a replacement?

Please return the newly found lost permit to our office. They are no longer valid and could result in a ticket.

I don’t live there but I own the home and do the maintenance, can I get a permit?

Most of the areas allow for non-residential owners to obtain permits. Call Traffic Operations at 651-266-9777 to determine if you are eligible for a permit.

I’m a contractor, can I get a permit?

No, the resident will have to provide you with a visitor or special event permit. If your vehicle is a clearly marked commercial vehicle, you don’t need a permit.

I’m a homecare provider, can I get a permit?

No, the resident will have to provide you with either a visitor or special event permit.

I’m a realtor, can I get a permit?

No, the resident will have to provide you with either a visitor or special event permit, unless the owners/residents are not in town.

I’m having an estate sale, can I get a permit?

No, the resident has to provide you with either a visitor or special event permit, unless the owners/residents are not in town. We can provide a no parking area in front of the house to create a pick up/drop off zone. Contact Traffic Engineering at 651-266-6200 for more information.

I own my own business, can I get permits for myself and my employees?

No, businesses and their employees are not eligible for permits.

I commute everyday to work or school, can I get a permit?

No, only residents living in the area are eligible to get permits.

Where can I park if I don’t have a permit?

In most cases, moving a few blocks away will get you out of a permit parking area. For detailed maps showing the boundaries of the city's permit parking areas, visit our Document Center.

I live across the street from or next to an apartment building. Can I get permit parking to prevent residents from apartments from parking in front of my house?

No, the apartment building is also considered residential. They would be able to petition to receive permits just like a single family home. Only residential units can petition for and get permits.

How do I start a new permit parking area?

  • Speak to your neighbors and district council to see if your neighborhood is interested in becoming a Permit Parking Area, to set the boundary, and to determine the desired parking restrictions
  • Contact the City of Saint Paul at 651-266-6200 to have a parking survey performed, determine if an informational meeting is desired, and to obtain a petition form.
  • Circulate the petition form to your neighbors. A minimum of eight block faces must be included to create a new Permit Parking Area, and 75% of the property owners within the proposed area must approve the petition.
  • When your petition is deemed valid, a resolution will go to the City Council at a public hearing for approval.
  • If approved, the signs delineating the new Permit Parking Area will be installed in approximately thirty days. In those thirty days, residents will have the opportunity to purchase permits to be prepared for the new restrictions.

How do I add or subtract from an existing permit parking area?

The steps to add or subtract from a Permit Parking Area are the same as starting a new area. Note that 75% of the property owners within the area of proposed change must approve the petition to modify the boundaries of a Permit Parking Area.