Traffic Signals

Contacts Ben Hawkins Signal Design Email Phone: 651-266-6256 Fax: 651-298-4559 800 City Hall Annex 25 W 4th St Saint Paul, MN 55102 Tom Stadsklev Signal Maintenance Email Phone: 651-266-9773 Fax: 651-266-9765 899 Dale St Saint Paul, MN 55103

There are over 375 signalized intersections in the City of Saint Paul. Traffic signals are designed to ensure the safe and efficient movement of roadway traffic and pedestrians. Signal equipment and operation will vary from intersection to intersection depending on need.

Primary types include pre-timed signals that operate based on well established and predictable traffic patterns or signals which detect traffic approach and operate based on current conditions. In many cases multiple traffic signals are linked together and operate in a coordinated manner to enhance safe and efficient movement along a particular route or within a given area.

Traffic Signal Repairs

To report a signal malfunction or other needed repairs to traffic signals, street lights or traffic signs please call 651-266-9777. For after hours emergencies such as a traffic signal not operating or traffic signal knocked down please call 651-266 -9700.


Pedestrian Crossing Timing & Buttons Pedestrian Crossings are an important part of the city's traffic signal system. Most traffic signals in the city include pedestrian walk signalization. There are a variety of methods used to ensure safe pedestrian crossing at signalized intersections. View more information regarding pedestrian signals.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Computerized traffic control and information systems are used to control and coordinate many traffic signals in the City of Saint Paul. View more information regarding Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Play Gridlock Buster Gridlock Buster is an online traffic control game based on tools and methods that actual traffic control engineers use in their everyday work. It's a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of what is involved in traffic management for the City of Saint Paul.