Saint Anthony Traffic Calming

The City of Saint Paul is planning improvements to Saint Anthony Avenue between Prior Avenue and Fry Street (just west of Snelling Avenue). 

The study was initiated in January 2016 after city staff was invited to attend a Union Park District Council Land Use Committee meeting. Download a letter from Union Park District Council staff summarizing the meeting and recommending next steps.


Construction Schedule

The bumpouts at Pierce Street and Aldine Street were completed in October 2017.

Striping the bicycle lanes and installation of the delineators will occur in Spring 2018.



The purpose of the project is to implement a set of low-cost improvements that will accomplish the following objectives:

  • implement traffic calming to slow vehicle speeds and improve safety
  • improve east/west bicycle movement, including connectivity with the Aldine pedestrian bridge over I-94 and the planned Snelling-Midway redevelopment site.


Input Opportunities

No meetings are scheduled at this time.

To provide input, please send written feedback via email to


Project Alternatives

Four initial alternatives have been developed by city staff:

  • Alternative 1 - One-way traffic, two-way bikeway on south side of street
  • Alternative 2 - Two-way traffic, mixture of bike lanes and shared lanes
  • Alternative 3 - One-way traffic, mixture of bike lanes and shared lanes
  • Alternative 4 - One-way traffic, westbound bike lane only (except for Aldine to Pierce)

The Alternatives Summary and Comparison can be helpful to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each concept.

The city, with cooperation from some neighborhood volunteers, has collected on-street parking occupancy data to learn more about how frequently on-street parking is being utilized and at what times of day.


Recommended Alternative

Following the Open House held in November and additional conversations with residents along Saint Anthony, city staff has made final recommendations that combine features from two of the alternatives listed above. The recommended alternative combines Alternative 1 between Dewey Street and Pierce Street, with Alternative 3 between Prior Avenue and Dewey Street. This Alternative 1a - Hybrid will implement a high-quality bikeway, including sections protected with delineators, while preserving on-street parking along the north side of Saint Anthony for the entire length of the project.


Project Updates

May-July 2016 - City staff met twice with a small group of residents from the area who had expressed interest in the corridor.

August 8 2016 - City staff presented the four concepts to the Union Park District Council Transportation Committee for feedback.

November 28 2016 - City staff held an Open House to present the Alternatives and obtain feedback. The meeting was held from 7:00-8:30 PM at Episcopal Homes (1860 University Avenue). The meeting was advertised by postcards mailed to over 400 properties in the immediate vicinity. The city also partnered with Union Park District Council to promote the meeting via Facebook