Ordinance Amendment  

Saint Paul Code of Ordinance Chapter 236 - Environmental Preservation: Plastic Packaging is being amended. The current proposed draft language is in the process of being considered by the City Council. The final proposed language will be published by July 19, 2017. If approved, this ordinance is expected to take effect on October 1, 2018.   


Saint Paul Ordinance regulates food and beverage packaging to: 

  • Decrease the volume of landfill waste
  • Minimize toxic by-products of incineration
  • Make the waste stream less damaging to the environment 
  • Reduce the economic and environmental costs of waste management 
  • Create a more environmental city 

In the current proposed draft language, all packaging that is considered to be environmentally acceptable will include returnable, reusable, recyclable, and compostable packaging. 

For more information on the proposed draft language, please click this link


The Ramsey County District Court has been requested by the Council to amend Saint Paul's Fine Schedule to reflect the following: 

  • Section 236.07 - Each violation will be a petty misdemeanor, for which the fine will be $200


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Last Edited: July 17, 2017