Becoming a TISH Evaluator

Testing for Evaluators occurs every two (2) years.

The next test will be administered in 2018.

The City of Saint Paul Truth-in-Sale of Housing program offers a test for individuals who wish to become licensed with the City to perform Truth-in-Sale of Housing evaluations on single family homes, duplexes, condominiums, and townhouses offered for sale in the City of Saint Paul. 

This is a 3 part application and testing process:

1. Complete the Application form and submit it with your application fee.

  • Test Prerequisite: The application requires proof of passing a 3rd party, national, home inspector’s exam such as the NHIE, or ASHI.  If you have passed a prior NAHI exam that would also still be accepted.
  • Acceptable exams are ones where the individual taking the test has his/her identity verified by the test administrator. 
  • Non-proctored exam such as interNACHI are not currently approved by the Board.
  • Saint Paul does not accept licenses from other jurisdictions in lieu of passing the 3rd party exam.

2. Take/Pass a Written Test

  • The written exam is approximately 100 to 150 questions in the True/False, multiple choice and short-answer format. You must receive a score of 75% or better to pass this test and go onto the practical exam.

3. Complete/Pass a Test House

  • The final step is to evaluate a “test house” as if you are evaluating it for a client in the City of Saint Paul. 
  • You must pass both the written and the test house portions of the examination process to be eligible to receive your Truth-in-Sale of Housing Evaluator license.
  • Once you are eligible, you must meet the other licensing requirements, provide proof of insurance, and pay the $100.00 (annual) license fee. See Chapter 189 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code for Evaluator requirements. This license fee is not pro-rated for partial year licensing.
  • Pay particular attention to the application requirements and the application deadline. We cannot accept late applications. You must pay in advance; we can accept payment by cash, check or credit card by fax, mail or in person. Contact the TISH program for specifics if you choose to fax your application and pay by credit card. No application fees will be taken the day of the test.


Application Deadline:  Updated closer to test date

Written test: Updated closer to test date

  • You must be available on this date and time in order to take the written test and to be eligible to be licensed in Saint Paul. There will be 3 hours allocated for finishing the written test. Most applicants finish and leave within the one to one and a half hours.
  • The test location will be sent to you when your application is accepted.
  • You may bring and use a calculator. This is a closed-book exam.

Practical Exam – Test House: Information sent to those who pass the written exam

Test Resources:

  • Only those who pass the written test at 75% or better will be admitted to the practical exam. 
  • Details will be given to those persons eligible for this portion of the testing.
  • It will be open-Guidelines, but please be aware that the time allotted for this test is very limited. 
  • See the document, “Test Resources”.  This is a list of the most commonly used references for this test. Other, similar, resources may be used for test construction.
  • Find a Local Chapter: ASHI or MSHI​
  • TISH Program Summary & FAQs