Enforcement of City ordinances and state laws, in dealing with nuisance situations, is a formal method of handling neighborhood problems. However, there are many times when nuisances which are the subject of neighborhood disputes can be handled by informal control more effectively than by formal control. Examples include when the problem may not be a clear violation, the formal City procedures may take a long time, or people may not want to call inspectors or the police about their neighbors.

Common sense tells us that in neighborhoods where people live close together, the order of the day should be consideration for neighbors. We may do something which makes a neighbor uncomfortable or angry. Most people want to keep peace with their neighbors and may not realize that their behavior is inconsiderate, and if asked to quit, may be willing to change a behavior that is bothering others.


If a neighbor is bothering you, a friendly talk with the neighbor can prevent one disturbing incident from becoming a conflict.

You may want to talk to other neighbors who may be affected by the conduct or the problem in question. They may join with you in speaking as a group to those causing the problem, keep records of attempts to deal with the problem, and provide moral support.

If you do not know who owns the property where the problem is located, call Ramsey County's property tax information office at 651-266-2050 for information on the registered owner.


In addition, mediation can often be effective in resolving disputes between neighbors, by having an impartial third party sit down with all concerned to work out a reasonable solution. The Dispute Resolution Center has helped to resolve neighborhood problems informally, and may be able to bring all parties together to solve the problem. For more information, call them at 651-292-7791.

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Last Edited: March 2, 2017