Summary Abatement

Summary abatement is the term the City uses to describe what is done when the City removes (or abates) a nuisance, when the owner has failed to do so. Summary abatements are used for:

  • Trash, garbage, or other waste removal, if the owner does not remove it when ordered
  • Cutting tall grass or weeds, again if the owner fails to do so
  • Boarding vacant buildings which have broken windows, open doors, or holes, if the owner has failed to secure the building
  • Broken sewer lines, which may happen during rodent or pest extermination
  • Other property nuisances, such as hazards, hazardous wastes, graffiti, noxious substances, firewood, stagnant water, sanitary structures, snow shoveling, etc.

The City's action may be prompt after allowing the owner a reasonable time to remove the nuisance. The cost of a summary abatement is charged to the property owner as a special assessment (see Assessments).

Substantial Abatement

Substantial abatements are used for:

  • Demolition of vacant buildings, if the owner fails to rehabilitate or demolish the building within a reasonable time
  • Major clean-up of garbage or other nuisance in excess of $3,000

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Last Edited: March 2, 2017