Vacant Nuisance Building Procedure


The vacant nuisance building procedure is as follows:

  • The inspector orders the owner to demolish the building or otherwise abate the nuisance, and states that if the owner does not abate the nuisance within a specified time, the City may demolish the building.
  • A list of buildings subject to demolition, updated monthly, is filed with the City Clerk and the Ramsey County Recorder.
  • If the owner does not follow the inspector's order within the time limit, a public hearing will be scheduled before the Legislative Hearing Officer and, if warranted, the City Council. The owner and the District Council will be notified of the hearing.
  • After the public hearing, the City Council may order demolition, give the owner more time to make repairs, or take other abatement action. Costs of the demolition or other abatement are assessed to the property owner.

Public Hearing

This procedure can take several months. The best way to stay up to date on the process is to speak with the Legislative Hearing Officer at 651-266-8575. He or she will let you know when the hearing will take place. You can appear at the public hearing and state what effects the vacant building is having on the neighborhood and what you think should be done.

Demolishing a Vacant Building

The City may decide to take action on demolishing a vacant building. Under some circumstances, residents may be able to petition the City to take action to tear down the building (see Property Nuisance). This procedure is appropriate for the most extreme cases, and usually applies to a vacant building which is beyond repair.

Difficulty in Assuring a Vacant Building is Torn Down

There are some situations in which no procedure takes care of assuring a vacant building is torn down, even if both the City and all the neighbors agree that it is an eyesore and should be demolished. This may occur if the building is government-owned, if the property is in foreclosure, if it is in tax-forfeiture, or if it is not clear who owns the building. Return to Vacant Building