Sec. 65.515:

An outdoor market at a fixed location consisting principally of farmers and gardeners for the purpose of selling the products of their farm, garden, greenhouse, apiary, or forest directly to the public.

Application requirements

To establish a site for a Farmers Market you must submit an application for a Site Plan Review. There is a $32 filing fee for all site plan review applications. If a conditional use permit is required (more then 5 vendors) the fee is eight hundred dollars ($840.00) for up to one (1) acre of land, and two hundred dollars ($210.00) for each additional acre of land. Submit the site plan and contact information to: Zoning Office 375 Jackson St, Suite 220 Saint Paul, MN, 55101 Call zoning at 651-266-9008 if you have questions.

Standards and conditions

(a) In residential districts, a farmers market shall be located on a zoning lot at least one (1) acre in area. (b) Approval of a site plan showing the number and location of vendors at the site, with contact information for a designated market director responsible for coordinating the market vendors and activities, and for providing the zoning administrator with updated contact information if it changes.

Standards and conditions for farmers markets with more than five (5) vendors:

(c) A conditional use permit is required from the Planning Commission. (d) The use shall be limited to no more than three (3) days per week. (e) Foods, manufactured goods, wares and merchandise may be sold if approved by the Planning Commission.

Standards and conditions for farmers markets with five (5) or fewer vendors:

(f) Sales shall be limited to no more than two (2) days per week between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

Other permits that may be required

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