Questions or Concerns About Your Tap Water and the Coronavirus? 

 Saint Paul Regional Water Services’ drinking water treatment process effectively safeguards our customers from viruses such as the flu virus and the coronavirus.

Water Treatment Removes Coronavirus

Own or Maintain a Larger Building?

Buildings with reduced water use or no water use in the past few weeks or months can have water sitting in pipes that can stagnate and cause problems such as discoloration and bad taste or odor. 
The water may lack the residual chlorine that provides disinfection. Find out more below.

Building Water System Guidance

Ensuring Customers are Protected from COVID-19

We are carefully monitoring the state and national advisories regarding COVID-19. We are also taking precautionary steps to protect the health of our employees and customers.

Water Shut Offs Suspended

Saint Paul Regional Water Services’ customers will have water service regardless of ability to pay.

Shut Offs Suspended

Safety in the Community

Water is essential. So are our workers.

Last Edited: October 6, 2021