Water Quality

Water Quality Report - Annual report of the substances detected in our water during the previous year.

Monthly Water Analysis - Information on the physical and chemical components of our water.


Customer Service Connections - Quarterly newsletter.


Water Leaks / Conservation

Water Leaks - Information on detecting and fixing leaks in your home,  and determining other sources of high water use.

Fun Facts About Water Conservation - Ways to reduce water use in your home.


Keeping Lead Out Tips to reduce lead levels in your tap water originating from inside your plumbing or service line.

Water Quality, Delivery, and Lead in Drinking Water (also available in HmongSomaliKaren, and Spanish) - Where our water comes from, what we do to treat it, how it gets to your home, and lead service lines.​​

Partial Lead Service Line Replacement - What a partial lead service line replacement is and steps to reduce lead in my drinking water if you have one.

Bill Paying Methods / Assistance

WaterWorks - Initiative to assist financially needy customers with water and sewer costs. Provides a form to contribute to the program.

Direct Pay/Monthly Manager - Apply for direct withdrawal through quarterly withdrawals (direct pay) or monthly withdrawals (monthly manager).

Online Bill Pay - Pay your water bill online. Sign up to receive only electronic bills. Go to online bill payment site.


Job Brochure - How to apply for a job at SPRWS.

General Information

Only Tap Water Delivers - How water delivery contributes to public health, fire protection, and the economy.

I Want to Be Here for You - How your water supply provides fire protection.

I'm Not So Easily Replaced - Information on water infrastructure, such as water mains.

Other Resources

Moving Postcard - How to deal with your water bill during a move.

How to Read Your Water Meter - How to read your water meter. Please read all nine digits. You will need a flashlight to read your meter.

Alternative Meter Application - Application to acquire an alternative water meter reading system for your property.

Preventing Frozen Pipes - Tips on preventing your water meter and water pipes from freezing in the winter months.

Beyond the Faucet - Booklet on the history of the water utility, including water sources, treatment methods, and delivery of safe, reliable, quality water at a reasonable cost to more than 424,000 customers in Saint Paul and the surrounding communities.

Strategic Plan

View the 2019 - 2021 Strategic Plan

Annual and Audited Financial Reports

Annual Report

SPRWS 2018 Annual Report

Audited Financial Report

The financial report is in PDF format is many pages. This may take several minutes to download.

SPRWS 2018 Annual Financial Report

Last Edited: June 11, 2020