Cable Complaints

What To Do if You Have a Cable TV Related Complaint

If you have questions or problems with service you receive from either CenturyLink or Comcast, the city's two franchised cable TV providers, we ask you to please first contact your company and attempt to resolve the issue.   They may be reached at:

Comcast, 651-222-3333, or xFinity Store at 2050 Ford Parkway, St. Paul.

CenturyLink, 800-244-1111, or the CenturyLink store at 1605 Queens Dr #104, Woodbury, MN  

After contacting your cable company and you believe the issue is still unresolved, we will then be happy to assist you. Call the Office of Cable Communications at 651-266-8870 or use the online form below.  We should be able to respond to you within 24 hours. 

Cable Complaint Form

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