PEG Access Channels


The City of Saint Paul's two cable franchises require the cable companies to provide support for the five PEG ( Public, Education, and Government) access channels available to cable subscribers in Saint Paul.  PEG funding, in part, is provided by the cable company's PEG Fee contributions. The PEG channels provide local information and entertainment pertinent to Saint Paul cable subscribers.  

The City Channel (government access),  managed and operated by the City of Saint Paul, provides timely information on events, activities and policies that pertain to the City of Saint Paul and Ramsey County.  The City Channel also provides live and replay coverage of the Saint Paul City Council, HRA and Saint Paul Library Board meetings, and the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners meetings.  

The Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN) is a non-profit corporation with a contractual arrangement to operate and manage the four public and educational access channels in Saint Paul.  The three public access channels are:  1) Religious or Multi-Faith Access focusing on religious programs and services,  2) Public Access provides a means for the public to express themselves through a variety of programming produced by non-SPNN staff, and 3) the third is programming typically produced by SPNN production staff.  The educational access channel consists of programming about the Saint Paul educational institutions in Saint Paul, including the Saint Paul School District. 

Channel Listings and Locations:             CenturyLink*           Comcast

                                                  Channels/Format                             SD - HD                                  SD - HD

  • The City Channel (Saint Paul government access)             234 - 1234                               18 - 859                               
  • Multi-Faith, programmed by SPNN                                                                                          14
  • Public access, programmed by SPNN                                                                                    15
  • Education, programmed by SPNN                                                                                           16
  • Community Productions, programmed by SPNN                                                                  19

* SPNN's four PEG channels will be available on CenturyLink in July, 2016.