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Certificate of Occupancy Map
Tags: dsi, Fire, maps, residents

Graphic of a map showing Certificate of Occupancy information The DSI Certificate of Occupancy map contains information for rental property, property grades and classes, as well as Fire Certificate of Occupancy.

City Council Wards
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A map of Saint Paul council wardsThe city council ward map outlines Saint Paul's seven city council wards. Police and fire station layers are also available. 

Construction Inspectors Map
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Thumbnail for DSI construction inspectors mapThe DSI Construction Inspectors map displays the inspector for each region of Saint Paul by inspection type.

Downtown Banners
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Map of downtown banner locationsAn aerial overview of the downtown banner locations available for use by your business or organization. 

DSI 2015 Annual Report
Tags: 2015, annual report, dsi, maps

Graphic that accesses DSI 2015 annual report The DSI annual report for 2015.

DSI 2016 Annual Report
Tags: 2016, annual report, dsi, maps

The DSI annual report for 2016.

Fire Stations Map
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A map of Saint Paul fire stationsThe fire & safety services map displays the fire districts and the location of fire stations.

Land Survey
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Saint Paul, Minnesota Land Survey MapThe Land Survey map shows surveying benchmarks, monuments, and other survey information about Saint Paul.

Library Locations
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A Map of Saint Paul librariesFind a Saint Paul library nearest to you. 

Metered Parking Zones
Tags: maps, metered parking, parking, public works

 This map shows where metered parking zones are in Saint Paul as well as their associated rates.
Parks 2015 Annual Report
Tags: 2015, annual report, maps, parks and recreation

The Parks and Recreation annual report for 2015.

Parks and Recreation Amenities Map
Tags: maps, parks, recreation

Graphic of a map showing Certificate of Occupancy information Find Saint Paul parks, trails, recreation centers, playgrounds, tennis courts, dog parks, and more.

Police Departments
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A map of the Saint Paul police stationsA map of the Saint Paul Police Department's districts and stations. 

Rain as a Resource
Tags: maps, rain as a resource

Applying Global Innovation to Local Development in Saint Paul

Road Closures
Tags: construction, maps, Road Closures

Graphic of the Road Closure map Current Road Closures in Saint Paul, as reported to the Public Works Right-of-Way division.