City of Saint Paul lists Public Safety Annex for sale to explore potential commercial reuse through private developers

April 10, 2017

Mollie Scozzari, Marketing & Public Relations Manager
City of Saint Paul, Department of Planning & Economic Development
651-266-6575 (o); 651-387-9045 (c) 

City of Saint Paul lists Public Safety Annex for sale 
to explore potential commercial reuse through private developers

SAINT PAUL – The City of Saint Paul Housing and Redevelopment Authority has officially listed the downtown Saint Paul police training facility, located at 100 10th Street East, for sale. The city is accepting offers to redevelop the building as a center for jobs, creative office space, and other commercial uses including limited retail. Proposals to demolish the building or to repurpose it for housing will not be considered.

Built in 1925, the police training facility, previously known as the Public Safety Annex, will be vacated by the Saint Paul Police Department near the end of 2017, as they relocate their operations and move to a training facility located at 600 Lafayette Road.

“Over the past decade, we have seen tremendous growth in housing and entertainment options downtown, but now is the time to focus on accelerating job growth,” said Mayor Chris Coleman. “We have seen significant interest in repurposing older buildings into modern, high-quality office space. We would be remiss to not explore potential commercial redevelopment of this building to support immediate job growth in downtown.”

The downtown core has seen private sector job growth of about 3.6% from Q3 2015 to Q3 2016, and the city is positioned for accelerated growth with efforts such as the 2016-2018 Economic Development Strategy. This strategy calls for increasing the overall number of jobs in Saint Paul by 3,000 from 2016 through 2018, among other priorities.

“We need to make sure we have the right kind of space for companies to get started, expand, and continue to grow in St. Paul,” said Peter Frosch, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at GREATER MSP, a regional economic development organization, and a member of the Saint Paul Innovation Cabinet. “Repurposing buildings with character and history as new creative office space will help attract people and companies, especially in the growing innovation sector.”

Previous plans had recommended demolition of the building and eventual development of a larger park space on the block, including improvements to the existing Urban Flower Field site. Multiple scenarios have been designed, showing potential options for a phased build-out of parkland.

“We have a duty to carefully examine a city asset, like the Public Safety Annex, to ensure we are seeking out the highest and best use,” said Councilmember Rebecca Noecker. “I am confident that this process will help us determine that use. Regardless of the outcome, I am committed to establishing permanent green space on this block and to listening to the concerns and ideas of the neighborhood as we determine how to proceed.”

The city plans to begin evaluating offers for purchase of the property on June 12, 2017, but is not required to choose any of the proposals submitted. However, if an offer is selected for formal consideration by the Housing and Redevelopment Authority, a public hearing will be held as an opportunity for the community to provide feedback on the proposal. If an offer is approved, redevelopment could start as soon as 2018.


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