Council opposes Photo ID amendment

Councilmembers say Photo ID has too many consequences, will hurt regular Minnesotans

Today, the Saint Paul City Council voted 6 - 0 to oppose the Photo ID amendment, citing the unintended consequences and barriers the amendment places in front of seniors, veterans and other law-abiding citizens. “The Council’s action today is extremely important in fighting a misguided amendment which, instead of reducing voter fraud, would make it more difficult for students, seniors, veterans and others to vote,” Mayor Chris Coleman said. “Voter fraud in Minnesota is virtually nonexistent. We should be working this hard to encourage more people to vote, not making it harder for our citizens to cast their ballots.” "I believe in engaging people in problem-solving and governance. The proposed amendment could further diminish the voices of already marginalized communities including the elderly, new immigrants, the poor and the highly mobile,” Councilmember Amy Brendmoen, lead author of the resolution, said. “We should be making it easier to vote rather than placing more barriers on the most basic, democratic right." “With this resolution, we hope people from across Minnesota will join us in denouncing this cynical attempt at voter suppression,” Councilmember Russ Stark, one of the resolution’s authors, said. If passed, the Photo ID amendment would include ending same-day voter registration, a voting method used by more than half a million Minnesotans in presidential election years.