Joint statement from Governor Dayton, Mayor Coleman and Councilmember Tolbert on meeting with Ford executives

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, Mayor Chris Coleman and Councilmember Chris Tolbert released the following statement after meeting today with executives from Ford in Dearborn, Michigan:

“We appreciate the close working relationship the city has had with Ford over the years, and in particular, since the announced closure of the Ford plant. The opportunity to build a 21st Century community along the Mississippi River – in the heart of the Twin Cities – is a once in a generation opportunity. Today’s visit with Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s executive vice president and president of the Americas, is part of continuing the dialogue as we get closer to the sale of the site.

“Over the past few years, a great deal of work has been done. Ford has decommissioned the plant, cleared the site and conducted environmental testing. At the same time, the city has extensively engaged the community, to ensure our aspirations around transportation, sustainability and quality of life can become market realities.

“As we enter the next 12 months, we must continue to work closely together. Today’s visit confirmed that our partnership is as strong as it has ever been. Ford will enter the clean-up phase this year and move closer to marketing the site, as the city entertains a TIF district and completes the zoning and public realm plans.

“We are grateful to Ford leadership for meeting with us today, and for reaffirming their commitment to Saint Paul and to the region. Together, we can create a bold, 21st Century community.”