Making Smart Capital Investments

image With our many partners, the City of Saint Paul will make strategic capital investments in new and rehabilitated housing, storefronts and sidewalks, street lights and boulevard trees -- public investments that will give confidence to private investors. We all are more likely to buy a home or fix up the one we have if the surrounding neighborhood looks as though it is on the upswing.Spotlight:The Winnipeg – Frozen ground was broken on a cold day in November to begin construction of The Winnipeg – a 56 unit mixed-use development on the corner of Rice Street and Winnipeg. Planned by Sparc, the neighborhood community development corporation, to anchor the revitalization of the ISP target area, The Winnipeg is distinguished by its extensive use of “green” design features. Expected to serve those who currently live and work in the area, The Winnipeg is scheduled to open for occupancy in early 2009.