Mayor announces parent engagement strategy

Mayor’s plan supports the work of the Parent Academy in libraries, parks and faith communities to close achievement gap

Mayor Chris Coleman announced a parent engagement strategy today as the spotlight of his seventh State of the City address in front of an audience of over 200 people at the James J. Hill Library in downtown Saint Paul.

The strategy, based on the idea that our children cannot succeed without the support of their parents, focuses on four areas—parental advocacy, expanding the Saint Paul Parent Academy, providing help for parents in libraries, and building support for faith-based and other community groups.

“Six years ago, I arrived in office determined to make education a priority,” Mayor Coleman said. “Change is hard, but the status quo is unacceptable – we must come together now to ensure every child has a bright future.”

The Mayor proposed using $300,000 to fund additional staffing and support costs to achieve the goals set forward in a new parent engagement strategy.

The Mayor also focused on Saint Paul’s history of determination to work together and get things done, using the Penfield, the Central Corridor and the Lowertown ballpark as modern examples of overcoming obstacles to achieve great things.

“Just as James J. Hill would be neither deterred nor defeated, Saint Paul has strengthened its resolve and we have met our challenges head on,” Saint Mayor Coleman. “We joined forces across the community and began work that will not only strengthen our city but transform it for future generations. That is why the state of Saint Paul is strong and getting stronger.”

In his speech, Mayor Coleman referenced the acquisition of the Diamond Products building, the proposed site for the Lowertown Ballpark. In his remarks, he stated that a purchase agreement on the land is likely in the coming week.

The Mayor delivered his speech in the James J. Hill library, a building he linked to the past, present and future of Saint Paul.