Mayor, Council Agree on Road Financing

Mayor Coleman, City Council agree on road financing for 2014

Unanimous Council vote ensures Mayor’s $2.5 million street repair proposal moves forward

SAINT PAUL – Mayor Chris Coleman today thanked Saint Paul City Councilmembers for supporting a measure that will redirect $2 million of the existing city budget into emergency road repairs. Today, the City Council unanimously passed a resolution that will ensure 11 of the previously identified “Terrible 20” arterial roads in the city will be repaved by November. “We do not want to repeat the winter and spring we had this past year,” states Mayor Coleman. “No one wants another polar vortex and everyone wants the roads to be better in Saint Paul. Redirecting these existing resources towards repaving the worst of our arterial streets will go a long way towards making sure that our roads are safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.” The resolution amends by $1 million the financing and spending plans in the city’s existing 2014 capital budget through close-out of projects and transfer of appropriations. This measure, combined with the $1 million in redirected funding previously authorized by the Mayor and the $500,000 already budgeted, allows Public Works to perform $2.5 million of street repairs on the City’s worst arterial streets before the end of the year. “I agree that we need to take this next step on repairing our roads and pursue this mill and overlay work in 2014,” said Council President Kathy Lantry. “Additionally, we believe there needs to be a large infusion of money into rebuilding our roads in the future and we look forward to working with the Mayor to identify a plan we can all get behind.” Mayor Coleman has said that he will offer a comprehensive approach to road repair and infrastructure in his August budget address, but that this initial cash infusion is needed to ensure additional road repairs can be completed by the end of the year. Prioritizing 11 of the “Terrible 20” roads Additional roads to be repaved were selected based on pavement condition and traffic volume, and include: Cretin - I94 to Marshall Cretin Ave - Summit to Ford Pkwy Eustis St. - 280 off ramp to I94 on ramp, including Franklin 11th St. - St. Peter to Jackson Fairview Ave - Shields to Summit Grand Ave - 35E to 7th Street Hamline Ave - University to Selby Hamline Ave - Portland to Grand Hamline Ave - St. Clair to Randolph Johnson Pkwy - Minnehaha to I94 Lafayette Rd - 7th to Grove Rice/12th - University to Wabasha/St. Peter Wabasha St - 6th to 7th Wheelock Pkwy - Edgerton to Arcade