Mayor discusses Target Center

Any stadium and arena plan must be thoughtful and equitable, say Coleman, Lantry

SAINT PAUL—Today, Mayor Chris Coleman and Saint Paul Council President Kathy Lantry met with Governor Mark Dayton to outline Saint Paul’s concerns of a Vikings stadium plan that includes $150 million to renovate the Target Center.

Last Wednesday, representatives from the City of Minneapolis made it clear they will only support a Vikings Stadium plan in Minneapolis if it includes $150 million for renovation of the Target Center.

“Tying the Vikings Stadium to a Target Center renovation is unbalanced, inequitable, and against the best interest of the City of Saint Paul, the region and the State of Minnesota,” said Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman.

“We believe in public support for stadiums because of the great number of positives they bring to the community. That said, any state investments of this nature must be thoughtful and equitable, or else the state is in essence picking winners and losers,” said Minnesota Wild Chief Financial Officer Jeff Pellegrom.

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul region is the smallest market in the country to house competing arenas, putting the region at a competitive disadvantage.

“When we use taxpayer dollars, they should be used in the most beneficial and most evenhanded way possible, where one region of the state isn’t harmed for the benefit of another,” said Saint Paul City Council President Kathy Lantry. “We must move forward as a region.”

“It is my hope that any plan for the Vikings Stadium recognizes the region’s strengths and weaknesses and does not disproportionately allocate funds or resources,” Mayor Coleman said. “The City of Saint Paul looks forward to discussing possible solutions with members of the Legislature and Governor Dayton in the coming weeks.”