Mayoral veto, Council action paves way for Cu

Today, Mayor Chris Coleman vetoed Council Resolution No.12-538, which would have denied a necessary parking variance for a Cupcake restaurant in Saint Paul. Shortly thereafter, the Saint Paul City Council voted 0-7 to override the mayoral veto. The veto effectively upholds the decision made by the Board of Zoning Appeals, allowing for the parking variance for the Cupcake restaurant. With unanimous action by the council, Cupcake is again on track to open on Saint Paul’s Grand Avenue this summer.

“With this veto and the ensuing Council action, Cupcake can finally move forward with their plans to open on Grand Avenue. Saint Paul is open for business and I am excited to welcome Cupcake to Saint Paul,” Mayor Chris Coleman said.

Cupcake will utilize the parking plan unveiled on March 22, providing off-street parking for 10 additional vehicles by leasing a portion of two underutilized area parking lots for employees and customers.

“Thank you to Mayor Coleman, Councilmember Thune and all those who worked on behalf of my business,” said Cupcake owner Kevin VanDeraa. “We are eager to move forward so that we are able to open in Saint Paul early this summer.”

“With Cupcake’s improved parking plan, we’ve come to an agreement that works for Cupcake and works for the neighborhood,” Councilmember Dave Thune said. “I look forward to welcoming Cupcake to Saint Paul.”

“Though the issue of the off-street parking deficit on Grand Avenue ultimately requires a comprehensive solution, Cupcake’s improved plan is a positive development. We welcome Cupcake to our community and look forward to this local business adding to the uniqueness of Grand Avenue,” said Mark Berhow, President of the Summit Hill Association.

Kevin VanDeraa now plans to apply for a beer and wine license through the city’s Department of Safety and Inspections, a process that requires the city to give a 45-day notice to neighbors of the restaurant.