Mississippi River

Great River Park Master Plan

The Great River Park Master Plan is a joint effort of the Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation (SPRC) and the City of Saint Paul (Planning and Economic Development and Parks & Recreation).The plan includes developing parks, improving public infrastructure, and promoting economic development along the Mississippi River.Four tenets of future river corridor development:

  • More urban
  • More green
  • Connect to the neighborhoods
  • Celebrate the river as a regional / national asset

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Mississippi River Critical Area Zoning Amendments

In 2004, the Saint Paul City Council created the Mississippi River Critical Area Task Force. The task force's purpose is to update the City’s zoning regulations for the Mississippi River Critical Area Corridor so they are consistent with the recommendations in the Mississippi River Corridor Plan. The regulations address:

  • Building set-backs from bluffs
  • Building heights
  • Scenic views
  • Tree preservation
  • Protection of steep slopes and bluffs


The Saint Paul Division of Parks and Recreation partners with:

  • Great River Greening
  • Friends of Parks and Trails
  • Friends of the Mississippi River
  • The Ramsey Soil and Water Conservation District
  • West Side Citizens Organization

Together, they develop and implement plans to:

  • Conserve the unique bluffs that tower above the Mississippi
  • Reduce direct pollution into the river
  • Restore degraded natural amenities
  • Ensure that people enjoy the bluffs responsibly