Phoenix Awards

2005 Phoenix Award Grand Prize for “Excellence in Brownfield Redevelopment”

  • Awarded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency - the highest level of recognition by the federal government, for “Excellence in Brownfield Redevelopment”
  • Awarded to the City of Saint Paul, the Saint Paul Port Authority and dozens of partners at the local, state, and federal level
  • The Port Authority worked with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the EPA to obtain federal government approval to limit the legal / financial liability of property owners who participate in a Voluntary Investigation and Cleanup Program for polluted redevelopment sites, leading to hundreds of acres being remediated and redeveloped.
  • The City of Saint Paul’s efforts serve as a national model of recycling polluted urban land.


2005 Phoenix People’s Choice Award

  • Selected by 5,500 redevelopment professionals at the United States Environmental Protection Agency Conference
  • Awarded to the Phalen Corridor

Description of Project“Many developers turn wetlands into shopping centers, the Phalen Corridor partners reversed the trend. The City of Saint Paul turned a distressed shopping center on the east end of the Corridor into an exciting new development that surrounds the recaptured Ames Lake Wetland. The new development includes attractive housing, a seniors’ residence, a state agency campus, a Wells Fargo bank, a clinic and retail.” Resources