Police Civilian Internal Affairs Review Commission (PCIARC)

Administration's recommendations for evolving the PCIARC

Mayor Coleman, City Attorney Clark and Council President Stark held press conference to announce administration's recommendations ahead of first reading at City Council

On Tuesday, November 1, 2016, Mayor Chris Coleman, City Attorney Samuel Clark and City Council President Russ Stark held a press conference to announce the administration's recommendations for evolving the PCIARC. The recommendations will have a first reading by City Council on Wednesday, November 2, 2016. Below are the changes that were proposed:

  1. Move the supervision and administration of PCIARC from the Saint Paul Police Department to the Department of Human Rights and Equal Economic Opportunity (HREEO).

  2. Give the Director of HREEO the authority to:

    • Refer matters to the PCIARC

    • Recommend civilians to be appointed by the Mayor to the PCIARC, and recommend removal of commission members to the Mayor

    • Appoint and supervise the PCIARC's Review Coordinator, in consultation with the Police Chief and the commission chair

    • Authority to hire a private investigator on behalf of the PCIARC

  3. Add two additional civilians to the commission, increasing the commission from seven members to nine.

  4. Require that the two commissioners from the police department must hold the title of Commander, and no longer require commissioners who are members of the Saint Paul Police Federation to be residents of the City of Saint Paul.

  5. Allow commission members to attend training after they are appointed to the commission instead of being required to attend before being appointed. Enhance training for members to include training on racial equity, implicit bias, gender identity and mental health challenges.

  6. Add racial profiling to the list of case-types heard by the PCIARC.

  7. Allow complaints to be filed and signed electronically.

  8. Notify complainants when a case they have filed will be heard by the PCIARC and allow them to provide testimony and answer questions from the PCIARC.

  9. Remove any type of recommendation from the Internal Affairs report that is given to the PCIARC.

  10. Give the PCIARC the explicit authority to recommend policy changes for consideration by the Police Chief.

  11. Have the PCIARC release summary data annually.(This has been done for many years, but has not been required by ordinance).

  12. Have the PCIARC hold an annual summit to review the annual report and evaluate the effectiveness of the commission.

You can watch the entire press conference here.

To read the full legislation text, click here and then click on 'Legislation Text.'

About the Saint Paul Police Civilian Internal Affairs Review Commission (PCIARC)

Established in 1993, the PCIARC was the first review commission of its kind in the state and was born out of a citizen task force that included the NAACP, labor leaders and the LGBT community. Its seven members include five residents and two members of the Saint Paul Police Federation. The commission was created to provide citizens from diverse backgrounds with an opportunity to evaluate specific incidents and call for deeper analysis before making recommendations to the Chief of Police. This form of administrative hearing does not replace civil or criminal court, but rather acts as an employer-based disciplinary process, which is subject to local and state labor laws. 

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