Policies & Practices

Comprehensive Plan

The City of Saint Paul Comprehensive Plan (the Plan) is replete with strategies concerning population density, walk-ability, transit options, brownfield redevelopment, environmental stewardship, noise pollution, solar power, water quality, and the City’s natural beauty.The Plan explicitly incorporates specific environmental policy statements among its several chapters.The Land Use chapter stresses:

  • Maintaining the downtown as a vital city center
  • Preserving neighborhoods as urban villages
  • Promoting growth by redeveloping the City’s corridors
  • Practicing environmental stewardship

The Transportation chapter stresses:

  • Increasing travel modes by improving transit options, bike routes and walkways
  • Travel demand management
  • Traffic calming

The Parks and Recreation chapter identifies:

  • Policies that protect green spaces and natural areas consistent with the City Charter’s “no net loss of parkland” provision
  • Means to expand physical and visual access to the Mississippi River from neighborhoods throughout the City

More City Policies

Environmental Policy StatementsEnvironmental policy statements are found in more than twenty chapters of the City Code. Storm Water Management OrdinanceIn 2004, the City Council adopted the Storm Water Management Ordinance, which requires sediment and erosion control during construction and permanent storm water management for projects involving more than one acre of impervious surface. Mississippi River Corridor PlanNo city has more shoreline along the Mississippi River than Saint Paul. The Mississippi River Corridor Plan stipulates the heightened environmental standards that the City and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will impose on areas along the Mississippi River. Saint Paul Sustainable Decisions GuideIn 1997, the City adopted the Saint Paul Sustainable Decisions Guide, which directed city departments to use specific environmental guidelines in the design, construction and management of City facilities. The Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide has since replaced the Saint Paul Guide. CO2 Reduction Plan The CO2 Reduction Plan contains a detailed listing of City projects undertaken to reduce CO2 emissions by 20%.